Practical Astrology Foundation Course

Welcome to your Practical Astrology Foundation Course

Astrology is the same as Astronomy

Western Astrology is based on the book Tetrabiblos, written by:

In modern Astrology, we don’t use the outer planets

Jupiter is a social planet

Taurus is a personal planet

Sign symbolism is based on the seasonal phases of the earth’s orbit

An active, initiative and dynamic energy corresponds with:

Aquarius is a water sign

The archetype of Virgo is a:

The sign polarity of Taurus and Scorpio is simplicity vs. complexity

The Element of water represents communication

Sagittarius is ruled by:

The house that is concerned with creativity, play and romance is the:

The house axis of the 3rd and the 9th house is learning vs teaching

The Ascendant is the same as the rising angle of the chart

How many degrees are two placements apart with a Square aspect?

The North Node is also known as destiny point

The Lunar Nodes are always 160 degrees away from each other

The South Node represents where we come from & indicates karma

Transits show current or upcoming celestial activity

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